Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Searching For A Job? Try Tweeting About It...

Gradating from college during the past few years has been extremely scary lately, due to the lack of jobs available. Although it seems like jobs are starting to become more available depending on what field you're in, it's been a hard year for most of my friends who are recent graduates and most haven't been able to find much.

My suggestion to all of them has always been to use social media to find something, network with others and to make some great connections, but most of them look at me like I'm crazy...which I'm not. While we only learned about Facebook and the ramifications it could potentially have on us and our careers, no one ever talked about the plethora of other social media sites we should have known about or started looking into.

Linked In, MeetUp and even Twitter can result in some great leads to a job and show employers that you're actively searching for a job. I know that showing up to restaurants or events without knowing anyone can be terrifying, but I guarantee if you try hard enough you can walk away with a few new acquaintances who you can e-mail, keep in contact with and potentially get a job with. Try it and see what happens.