Monday, June 25, 2012

Social Media in the Workplace

There's always a lot of talk about social media in the workplace, and if it's a good thing, a bad thing or just a necessary evil. Can your coworkers tweet about you, especially during work hours? Can you tweet about something happening in your office? What if your boss finds out? These are questions more and more companies continue to struggle with. 

It's a slippery slope and companies in the US just can't threaten employees they'll be fired depending on what they tweet, or depending on if they hand over PASSWORDS, that just seems crazy to me. I wish I was more in tune with where social media policies and laws will go, because it seems like an ever-changing subject that more people need to be aware of. 

I think the best thing for now is to trust the employees you've hired that they will make their own decisions, because you never know when they'll be marketing for free for you because their friends turn out to be your perfect audience. People shouldn't feel like Big Brother is watching them, but they also shouldn't be posting inappropriate things in the first place that will damage their own personal brand. Common sense, people. 

What type of stance does your company take?