Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fear melts when you take action towards a goal you really want. Robert G Allen

I'm currently working on figuring out what I want to do with my life. I'm currently searching for a new full time job, and since I have limited experience (mostly with social media work) the jobs are harder to come by.

I know that finding another social media position that's full-time would be a great option, because social media is super hot right now, and every business wants to (needs to really) get into it. The must successful companies dove right into it, tried out different strategies and use social media to it's fullest advantage.

Another hot trend/topic right now is mobile health. The mobile health business will be worth over $1 billion in 2014... Meaning that it's definitely not going away and it's here to stay. More doctors, health practitioners and patients are embracing mobile and wireless health, in the US, Europe and even places such as Africa. Health is on the tips of our fingers thanks to smartphones, iPhone applications, EMRS, and the newest inventions like the iPad. I definitely want to keep my eye on this sector, and try to jump in if anything ever opens up.

I have a vast network available thanks to family, friends, and acquaintance I've met over the years, but there are big decisions I need to make on which way I would like to go. I've read articles discussing the fact that the younger generations don't just stick with one career for the rest of their life, so I know that whatever job I choose is just opening many other doors later on in life. Right now the biggest decision is between working for advertising agencies in Chicago/NY/San Francisco, or chasing a dream and finding work in Spain.

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