Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Digital Predictions Update

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about the most important digital trends I see shaping multiple industries. I followed that up mid-year with some thoughts on my Linkedin Page about what predictions are taking shape, how much they are controlling many industries, re-shaping our marketing departments and changing our lives, and which ones have stood out so far this year most. 

The biggest players in 2015 that have shifted marketing agencies plans have been: 
  1. Personalization in marketing content 
  2. Pay - to - play on social media channels
  3. New & emerging social media channels 
  4. VIDEO 
I didn't mention all of these earlier in the year, only about half, but these are what I've seen taking 2015 digital media resources by storm. What have you seen so far this year? 

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