Monday, June 21, 2010

Attaching Digital Content In Places You'd Never Expect...

If you haven’t heard of the latest and possibly greatest in the social media world… then you need to check out Yes the company name and website may seem slightly dirty, but the company creates barcodes that you can “stick” anywhere. A few major corporations (such as Pepsi) have faith in Stickybits and it might just be the next big thing in social media.

I understand the idea of scanning barcodes with an iPhone or android may seem pointless… But I can see where they’re trying to go with this. Pepsi is going to attach fun “bits and stories” to their barcodes on all Pepsi products, allowing consumers to read fun facts and stories about their products, as well as the ability to attach their own.

This whole idea could also revolutionize the health industry, as well as the food industry. Think about this: You’re walking through the grocery store trying to find a quick snack. You’re faced with 18 different choices of crackers, and want to figure out which ones taste the best, are overall the best for you, best price, etc… Instead of trying to make an educated guess all by your lonesome, you can scan the barcode and see what other people have to say about this. No, I do not recommend this while shopping for your entire list of things, but for certain products it could be really helpful to those corporations who choose to embrace this early on.

Another unique, yet highly innovative use of these are for business cards (pic). You can create a simple business card on the website and they print a barcode on the back of it. What could you use this for? Well, since the website allows you to attach anything to these codes, it’s easy to attach resumes, cover letters, previous work examples, websites to the code. Instead of handing over all of these documents, all a recruiter or acquaintance needs is a small card and the rest of your documents are already there.

Even though this company is still in the beginning stages, I will definitely keep my eye on them and see how they progress and morph into their next stage. Innovators surely need to keep an eye on this company, as well as think a step ahead for what they would like to do with such a company.

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