Friday, June 4, 2010

Trending Now: Mobile Health

Think of any health topic you have ever had a question about... Diabetes? Dieting? Sleep apnea? We've all heard "there's an app for that" one too many times, but thanks to mobile health, there are tons of developers out there creating websites iPhone apps, Droid apps, smartphone compatible websites based on each health or medical question you may have.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with a mobile health company who is focusing on creating useful and helpful mobile apps for their customers and clients. I knew little about the mhealth world before I began working with them, and quickly found that mhealth can be a very general term for a wide variety of services and information. The mhealth community consists of all sorts of characters, such as doctors, health care practitioners, and those working directly in the medical community as well as advertising agencies, interactive agencies and marketers trying to find their place in the mobile health world.

Over the past few months I have read numerous articles about the possibilities, barriers, risks, and goals of all mobile health voices and can tell that this is the newest hot trend and industry to look out for. There are SO MANY ways that mobile health can go, and so many ways it can be developed. The ideas are endless and it has the possibility to lower health care costs, increase patient/doctor trust and interactivity, and spread information about prevention throughout the US, as well as the world.

Mobile health is definitely a topic to keep up on because the industry is literally changing every few weeks. There is always someone pushing the limits, going further than the last innovative idea.

Here are some fantastic resources to catch up on Mobile Health:

So, check them out and follow mobile health news and trends if they interest you because I can guarantee that in the next few years, even the next few months, mobile health will be taking the world and industry by storm.

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